Réseau Discord

Connect your bot with the Réseau Discord Artivain API

Add more security to your server with the Réseau Discord Artivain!

This module connects with the open-source Réseau Discord Artivain API to check if users have been reported.

  • Alert, kick or ban when a suspicious or blacklisted user joins your server
  • Disable / enable commands
  • Customizable alert role
  • Alert role creation command
  • Simple config builder built-in
  • Compatible with unofficial databases built on the Réseau Discord Artivain API
  • Built with TypeScript


Random stuff about internet humor

Memes, reactions and other random stuff for Artibot

  • Triggers (sus, 69…)
  • chucknorris command for a random Chuck Norris joke
  • dadjoke command for a random dad joke