New Site

Now wayyyy easier to use Artibot!

Welcome to the Artibot framework’s website!

This website will make it easier for everyone to understand, use and contribute to the Artibot project.


The documentation will be automatically generated from the source code using JSDoc. We built a custom JSDoc theme (it was painful) to also support dark theme for late night devs (like me).


The guide will be written by me and the other people that want to help me. Users will then have a simple to follow guide to create a first bot! It is also planned to add a section on how to start creating and publishing plugins, though we are still available on Discord for that. I’m still available to help new contributors!


The website is in both English and French so everyone can use it. If someone want to help translate it to another language, why not! That’s the beauty of open-source!


We will write some posts (probably not often) when we have big announcements. In big updates, we will also have some updating guides to avoid breaking your bot during the upgrade.


The changelog was posted only on GitHub. We will now post it on both GitHub and the website. There will probably have more explanation on the website and links to guide on how to update if there is breaking changes.

Plugin marketplace

The most important of all: the plugin “marketplace”! The main problem with having the plugins now published independently is that there was no easy way of finding them. Now, plugin devs can add their plugins to the marketplace so users can find them! Currently, we only accept free, open-source and published to NPM plugins. Maybe in the future paid plugins will be accepted? I doubt this project will get enough popularity for that.

Don’t forget to leave a star on the GitHub repo!